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Sedona Indian Jewelry - Jewelry that is Art

We sell jewelry that you will be proud to wear and proud to be seen wearing.  It is art, our canvas is Silver and Gold.  Our paints are Rare Southwest Turquoise, Coral and colorful, exotic Gemstones from around the world.

Lay A Way Payments are OK - Call us for details - 800 462 8536

This is original, authentic Native American jewelry made by the artists who created it... here in the Southwest United States.

We have no fake turquoise and no jewelry that was manufactured offshore.

We offer both contemporary and vintage turquoise jewelry.  We are
associated with well over 80 master Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and Santo Domingo silversmiths. Our contemporoary, Native American Jewelry store always keeps in stock a large and varied inventory that we add to regularly.  All the turquoise jewelry you see is here and ready to ship to you.  The jewelry you see is the jewelry you get.

When jewelry is sold we remove it from our website. We see no need to waste your time bragging about us making a sale. We much prefer to brag about our great artists, their jewelry, our huge selection, our detailed photography and product descriptions, our fine customer service and our no questions asked money back guarantee. Yup, we have a lot to be proud
of <smile>

And, Free USA Shipping on orders over $1000.

We have been on the internet since 1996... You are our  priority... You
are our #1 concern.  You matter to us. Call us for help or to purchase
(800 462 8536)...

We want satisfied customers and we work hard every day to earn your business. Our Guarantee is simple. You are thrilled with your purchase or return it to our store (within 3 days of receipt please) for a full refund. Refunds are not possible for orders that we made to your specifications or for layaway purchases that we took off the market to hold for you.

However, in those special cases, if possable, we will give you a store credit or exchange.

About Buying Turquoise Jewelry

First, let's first address the matter of  fake or costume Southwest jewelry.
Not all Native American Jewelry stores are the same. Much of  the
Southwest jewelry you see for sale looks Native American, but it is not.
It is poor copies made using cheap, imitation materials. For example,
most of the turquoise you see for sale today is Not  Real.  It is soft,
chalky, otherwise useless turquoise that is mixed with resins and dyes to
give it color and hold it together while it is manufactured. The only
advantage to this process is that the resulting plastic turquoise is
indestructible and costs almost nothing to make.

You will not find the beauty of natural turquoise in a laboratory. Man made plastic turquoise and coral has no depth to its color. It is dull, it has no brilliance. It appears much the same as a plastic toy. These are not qualities from which beauty springs. Man made turquoise is often referred to as "enhanced", stabilized" or "block turquoise". Only Gem Turquoise is simply cut and polished. Fine quality, beautiful gem turquoise is quite rare. Many stores / dealers say they sell gem quality
turquoise, the truth is that few actually do.

Mass produced jewelry made with plastic turquoise has little to no chance of being worth more in the future than it is today. If the truth be told, it will be worth less and difficult to sell. 

Sedona Indian Jewelry sells finest quality Turquoise Jewelry that is completely handmade by master American silversmiths. We search out rare United States turquoise from mines with a proven history of appreciation.
Turquoise from Bisbee, Morenci, Lone Mountain, Number Eight, Carico Lake, Demali, Lander Blue, Indian Mountain and Red Mountain are few top quality Arizona and Nevada turquoise mines.

Today, Southwest Jewelry is collected worldwide... it is art, its appeal is timeless. Gold, silver, rare turquoise and coral have always been scarce. Today, these materials are near extinct. The prices for highest grade material is becoming more and more expensive as the existing supply is exhausted.

Sadly, few young artists are learning the metal, lapidary and design skills necessary to make fine jewelry.