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Edison Cummings Turquoise Silver Gold Bracelet

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Edison Cummings - Exceedingly Rare Gem #8 Turquoise Bracelet

Fire Water Terra - Water in a Coral Sun on a Blue Turquoise Planet... Creation 

The bracelet is silver and was hand Tufa Cast. It is adorned with Coral and Turquoise Gemstones all set in 14K Gold settings with other gold adornments.

Edison Cummings is a well know and master silversmith. His work carries a premium price. Which is not hard to understand considering the top quality and his original one off designs.

This is an authentic, Edison Cummings, top of the line bracelet. Edison's jewelry is flawless, substantial and handmade by edison alone. No mass production,  computer generated, or knockoffs of other people's work.  

Also present is Salmon Coral set in a gold bezel. gold.  

This is a One of a kind masterpiece.

It will fit a 6 1/4" to a 6 1/2" wrist and there is a 1" opening in the cuff.