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Lonn Parker Silver and Gemstone Bracelets

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Heirloom Quality - Lonn Parker Handmade Silver and Gemstone Bracelets

Top Quality... Precision Silversmithing... Handmade by Lonn with Natural Turquoise and other Gemstones

These were recently discovered in a corner of the safe. Lonn made them many years ago but were never sold nor worn.

Your choice, all the same price.

The repeating, intricate designs you see are cut into a silver sheet which was then soldered atop a silver under layer.

There are no mistakes allowed in saw blade work.

Lapis - for a 6 1/4" wrist

Small - Multi colored gem bracelet is for a 6" wrist.

The large multi gem  bracelet is for a 6 1/8" wrist.

Take your choice... or buy them all...