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Berna and Anderson Koinva - Silver Eagle Belt Buckle

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Berna and Anderson Koinva,  Silver Eagle Belt Buckle

Large Thunderbird / Eagle Solid Silver Belt Buckle

Two silver sheets are cut, formed and soldered together.

This is a not only a labor intensive procedure, but also one that requires a level of expertise that few silversmiths possess.

The top layer is the cut out Eagle. An ultra fine saw blade does that. Of course, saw blade work does not allow mistakes. One bad cut and that layer is useless.  The lower level is incised, the incising is so fine that it is felt more than seen. 

After the two layers are joined together they are then hammered into a dome shape. 

Extraordinary piece.  Entirely Handmade.

Heavy Silver Domed Overlay Belt Buckle - 4" x 3"

For a 1 1/2" Belt