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Berna and Anderson Koinva, Hopi Rain Dance Bracelet

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Berna and Anderson Koinva

Completely handmade Hopi Rain Bracelet by Berna and Anderson Koinva. Bern and Anderson are among the finest Hopi Silversmiths  to have worked in Hopi Overlay. 

Overlay jewelry is when two sheets of silver are soldered together to make one bracelet. The top sheet has the design cut out of the silver. The lower silver layer is incised by hand with fine chisel. This is delicate, time, consuming work from which mistakes can not be repaired and the piece must be destroyed and the project restarted.

The top silver layer is highly polished. The underside shows of the bracelet reflects the is hand hammered incising.

This is a wide bracelet measuring 2 1/8".

it will fit a 6 3/4" to a 7" wrist and can be adjusted slightly