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Myron Panteah is Zuni / Navajo. He is famous for his intricate hand sawed designs in both silver and gold. Myron is a Master silversmith... his designs are his own. His art requires extremely precise saw blade cuts and is very difficult to properly execute... any mistakes and the piece will be destroyed and the process started over. The saw blade is so fine that you can not see or feel the cutting edge. No one attempts to imitate Myron's jewelry. Myron offers us a unique, artful look at the Zuni culture where nature is alive with spirits. The Zuni see in nature ancient spirits as well as the spirits of those who just passed on. Spirits of powerful animals too, whose strength and power can be drawn from nature by each of us to use. The images of animals in nature abound. They are in rocks, in mountains... all around us. Each creature's spirit has something to offer us. Frogs bring us fertility, Bears strength, power and healing, Deer bring us prosperity and Eagles give us vision, the ability to see into the future... this is a complex and wonderful culture. We can transfer these powers by simply exchanging breathe with the spirit within the image. Is Myron offering us simply art or something more? Either way it's magical to me.

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  • Native American Dinosaur Bone Pendant Jewelry By Myron Panteah

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    14K Gold and Argentium Silver This Native American Jewelry Dinosaur Bone Pendant measures 2 1/2" x 7/8"