Collection: Robert and Bernice Leekya Zuni Jewelry

Early Robert Leekya jewelry was always adorned with natural, gem turquoise (usually Kingman). Later in their careers, as gem turquoise and large Coral branches became scarce and expensive stabilized turquoise and small coral branches were used. This style turquoise jewelry was made famous in the 1930's by Robert's father Leekya Deyuse, who did the lapidary, and Dan Simplicio usually made the silver settings. They worked with CG Wallace. Robert and Bernice Leekya's career spanned over 50 years. I believe they are retired. The Leekya jewelry shown below are rare, collectible, older pieces with very large Coral branches (now extinct) and large Gem Kingman Turquoise nuggets (which are also unavailable). This jewelry was made many years ago but is new or in new condition.

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