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Thomas Curtis Handmade Silver Bracelet

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Thomas Curtis Handmade Silver Bracelet.

Thomas Curtis is deceased.  He passed on some time ago.

Thomas Curtis made his jewelry by himself and made it completely by hand.  Many of the techniques he used are long lost to other less experienced silversmiths. 

Thomas even made his own die sets.  Most silversmiths today either make their jewelry with a computer, machines or buy the die sets already made from jewelry supply stores... hence the similarity in the designs you see.

Thomas' jewelry is original and stands apart from others.

This bracelet features flawless Repousse,  Stamp work and Chasing with a chisel.

The bracelet is new.

It is 1 5/8" wide

It is for about a 6 1/2" wrist.  It can be adjusted slightly larger or smaller for a perfect fit.

We are happy to do that for you.

It can be adjusted slightly