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Percy Reano is from the San Felipe Pueblo. San Felipe is located near the Santa Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico, United States. Percy Reano is among the few artisans capable of making very fine multi-strand Heishe necklaces. Percy is both an accomplished Heishe maker and Silversmith. You'll usually find Percy's hallmark (PR) stamped in the silver. Fine Heishe is recognized as much by the way it looks as by the way it feels. Hold the Heishe by one end and let it dangle. Then lightly run your fingers down the length if it. The Heishe should feel like a strand of hair... perfectly smooth and even. How is Heishe made? First, the materials are selected. Almost anything can be made into Heishe... shell, turquoise, lapis, amber...

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  • Super Fine, 20 Strand Heishe Necklace, Handmade by Percy Reano

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    Extremely rare, 20 strand super fine turquoise and Penn Shell, Percy Reano Necklace.  Top Quality, One of a Kind Stars in a Night Sky This design...