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Raymond Sequaptewa is a spiritual man... a medicine man who transcends the world as most of us know it. Mr. Sequaptewa's visions are manifested in his art. Raymond Sequaptewa's deep, artful, Hopi jewelry style is reminiscent of old time Hopi greats like Charles Loloma and Preston Monongye who shared their vision of the world rather then conform to the accepted norm of the period. Like Monongye and Loloma, Sequaptewa takes Southwest Jewelry in a direction all his own. The Loloma influence seen in Sequaptewa jewelry is there for good reason. Charles Loloma was Raymond Sequaptewa's mentor, his teacher. It is how Sequaptewa learned to make jewelry. While early Charles Loloma ideas and techniques are in Sequaptewa's "DNA", that is simply the starting point from where Sequaptewa begins our trip into his visions... into his world. Were I pressed to define Sequaptewa's art... it is contemporary, it fills the mind with ancient, heartfelt emotions, it is extraordinary. It is original, captivating, magical and powerful all at the same time. Wearing Raymond Sequaptewa jewelry is a felt experience as much as it is visual.

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