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Edison Smith specializes early design silver Navajo Native American jewelry. Were it not for the Edison Smith hallmark it would be very difficult to know that his jewelry was not made 100 years ago. Most people do not realize that Silver Jewelry is relatively new to the Southwestern United States. There was no silver jewelry made here in Arizona or New Mexico by Native American Indian people before the 1850's. The Navajo first learned how to work metal from Mexican silversmiths (who presumably learned from the Spanish). Shortly thereafter, the Navajo taught the Zuni. The Zuni however, added a new element to their jewelry, Turquoise. The Zuni were long recognized as accomplished stone carvers. They had been making small stone animal carvings for centuries as part of their religion. For the Zuni, working turquoise into their silver jewelry came naturally. Turquoise was always expensive but the idea was well received and buyers accepted the added cost and the idea flourished. Soon turquoise became a common design element for both Navajo and Zuni silver jewelry. Gold Southwest jewelry did not happen until the later 1900's.

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  • Edison Smith Vintage Design Silver Bracelet

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    Edison Smith Vintage Design Silver Bracelet Notice the very crisp stamp work... repouse, that rises high above the bracelet. This is not easy to do... few...