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Aaron Anderson Morenci Turquoise Bracelet

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Aaron Anderson Gem Morenci Turquoise Bracelet -

Turquoise of this hardness is rare and often called Gel. Gel, for the fact that it appears liquid. The color seems to come from deep inside the stone.

This Morenci Gem has those properties.

People can spend a lifetime around turquoise and never see Gel...  Most turquoise on the market worldwide is Plastic... ground up turquoise chalk.. add color and pattern to the mix and off it goes in the kiln.  Later to be cut, polished and set.

This gem... it's on fire... it glows.

Aaron added some gold to the bracelet's rim to add his applause to this incredible turquoise gem.

Take a moment and click on my images.

This is a complex bracelet. It is mixed media... Tufa Cast and Fabrication.

This Gem is in a world of its own and needed to be photographed.

There will never be another.

Aaron Anderson is Navajo... A Master Silversmith and Lapidary.

Consider this is a fine bracelet from early in Aaron's career

It will fit a 6 3/4" wrist.  The size can be slightly adjusted.