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Watson Honanie, Silver and Gold Pendant

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    Sedona Indian Jewelry

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    Watson Honanie Gold Pendant



Watson Honanie is a master Hopi silversmith.  He is credited with being the first Southwest artist / metalsmith to produce jewelry combining both silver and gold.

I find this pieces particularly beautiful... and graceful. 

A kiva, lightning and rain, all in 14K gold and  3 Highest quality gem. These gems exhibit a rare quality often referred to as Gel. Gel is almost translucent, with brilliant color and a natural hardness. 

Bright Red Coral, Lone Mountain Turquoise and Lime Green Jade.

The 5 dangles on the bottom of of the pendant  move with you.

The reverse of the pendant is silver, the obverse is 14K gold.

It measures about 2 1/4" long.