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Vintage Zuni Eagle Pendant / Pin

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Vintage, Ceremonial, Zuni Eagle Pendant / Pin Handmade by Bobby and Corraine Shack

One of a Kind, Highly Collectible

Made in 1978 - Signed and Dated on the reverse side of the Pendant

"Indian Handmade & Signed by Bobby and Corraine Shack...  2/24/78... Zuni New Mexico"

The Eagle is the Protector of a threat from the Sky

The colors are the 6 Directional Colors of Zuni

Each direction is represented by a Prey God, or guardian animal, and are listed by Cushing as follows:

  • north: yellow mountain lion
  • west: black bear (represented by the color blue),
  • south: red badger,
  • east: white wolf,
  • above or the sky: multicolored eagle,
  • below or underground: black shrew

It is Flawless...

The Shacks were well respected Zuni silversmiths who created their own original jewelry. This Thunderbird / Eagle is made of Silver and inlaid in 3 Dimensions with all natural, high quality stone and shell... including Turquoise, Coral, Gold Mother of Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Jet and Tortoise Shell (which now can no longer be used in jewelry but was legal to own when vintage piece such as this were made and because of its age remains legal to own).

The Inlay here is superb. Each inlaid piece was hand cut and perfectly formed in 3 dimensions to fit the channel prior to final assembly.

Today, it is not unusual to see inlay with plastic turquoise that is simply ground flat all done to save production costs (quality of course is sacrificed in the process).

This is a large Ceremonial piece. It measures 4 1/4" wide x 5" long. Also, take note of the center sacred geometry. (!,2,3,5,8)

It is in excellent, like new, condition... rarely, if ever worn.

I believe it is one of a kind.  I never saw another like it... or even attempted.

The Thunderbird measures about 5 1/2".  Look at the palm of your hand. This Thunderbird is bigger.

The handmade silver necklace is included. It is removable.

Perfect to be framed, displayed and removed when you wish to wear it.