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Vintage Zuni Bolo Tie

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Vintage Zuni Panteah  Bolo Tie

Circa 1975

Gus and Lorie Panteah - Well respected Zuni Silversmiths

Of course, the star of the show is the Turquoise.

This is extremely fine Nevada turquoise.  Perhaps it's Pilot Mountain, Lone Mountain, maybe Fox or Blue Gem... really, when you get to this level turquoise... its about the stone.

But then it's always about the turquoise.

This is a very hard gem that simply glows blues and blue greens with a gold tone spider web.

It is a meditative stone... images abound.

Over the years, the silver setting was tightened to secure the gem. What that revealed is the depth of the stone. This was done back in the day when people thought the earth's resources were infinite and tools could not cut as they do now.

This is a beautiful, rare Turquoise Gem. Never saw another like it.

The bolo is in Excellent Condition.

The Turquoise... flawless, lots of Zat too.

The Bolotie measures 2" wide at the top and 2 1/4" tall.

It carries the original string tie and silver tips are included. 

Also present is a handmade, "Patent Pending" Bennet clip. A rarity in itself and a very good means of verifying age.

This is a Museum piece. To preserve its value, I would suggest wearing and enjoying it while keeping it original... as it is now.