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Sandra Victorino-Large Fine Line-Acoma Seed Bowl

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Sandra Victorino - Very Large, Fine Line Repeating Flower Seed Bowl

Absolutely Astonishing... this is an extremely complex design that Sandra no longer produces.  In fact, I know of no one who makes anything even close to the complexity of this pot.   

The incredible, hand painted design (with a Yucca Brush) is the first thing you notice.  

When you pick it up you will be surprised how delicate it is.  

And, If you dare to lightly tap it, it rings as if it were music. 

This is a wonderful pot made and fired in the traditional Acoma Pueblo way. 

7 1/2" diameter x  6 1/2”

Large Vase with repeating Flower design

New and made Circa 2000

One of kind