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Repousse Silver Bracelet Ernie Lister

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Large, Heavy Silver, Vintage (Early Navajo) Triple Repousse Channel Bracelet handmade by Ernie Lister

Although this bracelet is new, it is "Vintage" in every way but its age. It was made just as the early Navajo silversmiths made their jewelry. Ernie uses same tools and the same coin silver. Ernie even uses an old tree stump to hammer and form the silver just as the old Navajo silversmiths did.

In 1964 the United States stopped using silver in its coinage. At that time, an ounce of silver was valued at $1. Now silver coins are $40 /oz.

The technique called Repousse is where a malleable metal (silver in this case) is hammered from the inside oit in order to create a design element in relief on the obverse side. Repousse is the opposite of Chasing. The techniques of repousse and chasing utilize the plasticity of metal by forming shapes by degrees. There is no loss of metal in the process. The metal is stretched locally and the surface remains continuous. Repousse is a difficult and relatively slow process. A maximum of form is achieved with one continuous surface of essentially the same thickness.

I know of no one more proficient at Repousse than Ernie Lister. Repousse adds not only a dramatic 3rd dimension to jewelry but much interest to the piece as well.

Most jewelry with "Repousse" design elements are Not handmade.  They are made by the silversmith soldering commercially (mass produced) elements on to the piece being made.

Jewelry made this way is not Repousse. If the hammered Repousse design is not present on the reverse side of the jewelry, it is not Repousse.

This particular Repousse bracelet was quite a feat even for Ernie. There are 3 parallel, high relief channels that run the entire length of the bracelet separated by fine, hand, stamp work.

Although this is a wide bracelet (it measures 2" wide) it is still comfortable to wear.

It will fit a 6 3/4" wrist. There is a 1 1/4" opening in the cuff.

The size can slightly adjusted up or down.

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