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Rare Turquoise Ring

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Turquoise Collectors Special - Unsigned

This turquoise was probably mined circa 1960's - 1970's

Featured is a beautiful Spider Web Turquoise and Coral Silver Ring 

The turquoise is quite unusual. The color is a subtle blue green with gold tone matrix. When you closely examine the very fine spider web the turquoise becomes quite fascinating.

At first glance the turquoise appears to be old Lone Mountain but the Blue Green color seem more like #8 Turquoise or Fox. Regarless of its precise origin (which probably is Lander County Nevada) this is a spectacular and rare find to say the least.

Lowry describes it this way, "of the various types of matrix, "spiderweb" is the rarest and most sought after. This matrix, also called eggshell is made up of a web like network of thin lines. Mines that are particularly noted for producing spider web turquoise are Number 8, Lone Mountain and Lander Blue".

Ring Size 8 1/2