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Gem "Number 8" Turquoise Bracelet by Olin Tsingine

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Gem "Number 8" Turquoise Bracelet by Olin Tsingine, Hopi

The Bracelet has no hallmark however, I bought it directly from Olin and attribute the bracelet to him.

This repeating maze design is referred to as "Continuous Life' by the Hopi.

Tufa is a sandstone found on the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona.  The design is carved in the stone and molten silver is then poured into the carving.  When the silver cools it is pulled from the stone.  Pulling the silver from the stone destroys the mold. One mould yields one bracelet.

A small, Number 8 Turquoise Gem was added to the bracelet.

Very fine spider web turquoise was used.  Stones like this are quite rare. They are found in Lone Mountain Turquoise, Lander Blue Turquoise and Number 8 Turquoise.

This is a small bracelet sized for a  6" - 6 1/4" wrist.  The bracelet can be easily adjusted slightly larger or smaller. The bracelet now has a 1" opening.