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Nampeyo Jean Sahme Hopi Pottery

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Jean Sahme / Nampeyo Hopi Pottery -

Circa 1998 - It is new, perfect, and was safely stored all these years. It is just as we received it from Jean.

Jean Sahme is Nampeyo's granddaughter. This pot was completely handmade by Jean and is true to her grandmother's style and designs.

Here, the Sahme Pot is photographed with a Nampeyo Pot from the cover of Ed Wade's latest Nampeyo book, "The Call of Beauty".

You can clearly see the similarity in both design and style between Sahme and Nampeyo. I've noticed newer Sahme pots seem to have a taken a different direction.

Jean Sahme made this pot using the same centuries old techniques as Nampeyo. The paints were made by Jean from natural pigments.  The clay was sifted by Jean from clay found on the Hopi Reservation. And, the pot was traditionally fired in an open fire (not in a controlled kiln fire).

Jean Sahme pottery is represented in many Museum collections (including the the Smithsonian) as well as many books on Native American Pottery.

This pot measures 10" diameter x 6" tall

It is a large pot. There is no other like it.