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Naja Cast Silver with Silver Peace Dollar

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Silver Cast Naja - Early Navajo Naja Design (Circa 1870) Featuring a 1923 Silver Peace Dollar in the center of the Naja.

The Necklace is handmade round beads and very unusual cone beads. 

The artist did not sign his name or leave his mark. That is not unusual for Native American jewelry made during this period... Circa mid 1900's

One of a kind

This Naja (without the coin) is that of the first Navajo design which appeared about the year 1870. This design is very similar to ancient Roman amulets.

The Naja is a symbol of prosperity... a symbols of life itself. The inverted crescent design that is usually seen at the bottom of a squash blossom necklace is called a Naja by the Navajo people. The Naja may have Paleolithic origins. The Naja design can be traced back to ancient Rome and represented the Phoenician goddess of fertility, Astarte. Naja designs were often seen on Conquistadors' armor, weapons, saddles, bridles and other adornments. Attached to the Naja is a beautiful, early silver bead and cone necklace

Although the silversmith is unknown, he was probably Navajo and clearly accomplished

The Necklace is 24" long