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NaNa Ping Sugalite Dragonfly Bracelet

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Na Na Ping Sugalite Dragonfly Bracelet

Michael Garcia is Na Na Ping.

This Na Na Ping, Sugalite and Silver, Dragonfly Bracelet is set on heavy, Silver, Half Round, Wire. 

Sugalite is no longer being mined.  The Sugalite currently seen today is from old supplies mined years ago.  Sugalite is an expensive stone. It costs more than most turquoise.

It first made its appearance in the 1980's.  The best of it was from Africa. Originally, it was called Royal Lavulite.

Dragonflies are Messengers.

This is a large (2 1/4") Dragonfly.

The bracelet is heavy gauge silver made from six, half round, silver wires.

The Dragonfly is positioned on the bracelet as if in flight.

It will fit a 6" to a 6 1/4" wrist and can be adjusted slightly either larger or smaller.  We are happy to do that for you.