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Lonn Parker, Sugalite, Belt Buckle

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Lonn Parker, Sugalite, Belt Buckle

"Deep Purple"

Lonn Parket is a top notch American Silversmith.  His designs are original and collectible.

Sugalite is no longer available. The existing supply is exhausted and the mine is closed.

Top Grade Gem Sugalite is sometimes referred to as Gel Sugailite because of it ability to let light pass through.

Its color is shades of deep purple.

The buckle is inlaid with Sugalite along both sides.

Ancient designs are cut into a separate layer of silver and soldered in place over the face of the buckle.

The saw blade work is perfect.

This Lonn Parker Sugalite Belt Buckle measures 4" x 2 1/2"

It is a large buckle, that can be quite elegantly worn on jeans or a business suite. 

It is an imposing buckle and will convey that vibe about its owner.

A stunning, beautiful Buckle