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Lone Mountain Turquoise Belt Buckle by Leo Yazzie

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Lone Mountain Spider Web Turquoise Belt Buckle handmade by Leo Yazzie

Leo Yazzie is unknown to many collectors. Over the years he won many awards at major shows.  His work is extremely fine, detailed and precise. I compare his work to other artists in our store and I see differences in style and technique but the substance of their work is all top notch. Leo's work is beautiful and a bargain.  Leo is retired. This is the last of his very fine jewelry.

The gem is natural, polished, Lone Mountain Turquoise... Lone Mountain is a very desirable, premium mine, Southwest, Nevada Turquoise

The Belt Buckle measures 3" x 1 3/4"

It will fit a 1 1/4" wide belt or less

This is heavy gauge silver.  The Lone Mountain  is set in 14K Gold

Turquoise like this is simply no longer available... it is gone, extinct.  It was mined many years ago. It was part of a turquoise gemstone collection.  This is the first time it was ever set in jewelry.

Being set in a Leo Yazzie buckle simply adds to its value. Maintain its  condition and it will be a prized heirloom and  appreciate over the years.

Leo Yazzie is retired.

This buckle is Collector / Investment Quality