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Lander Blue Turquoise Ring

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Large Gem Lander Blue Turquoise Ring 


We rarely find any Gem Turquoise this large... especially Lander Blue turquoise with this much brilliance and character... the color is so deep in the stone that it invites you to reach into it and grab a piece of blue... a collectors dream.

The color is typical of Landers and so is the matrix... light blue orbs rocketing in a field of dark, cobalt / charcoal blue.

Here is a monster turquoise gem that we are unlikely to see again. 

it is a large, exquisite turquoise gem that measures 1 5/8" x 3/4". 

It's unheard of nowadays to find a Landers Blue gem of this great quality and this large. 

if one was to turn up it would be mounted in gold by a high dollar silversmith and carry a $10K + price tag.

This will always be a rare object of incredible natural beauty.  The silver ring it is mounted in is free.

It is Ring Size 9... and the silver ring can easily be resized for a perfect fit.

The reference photo you see is this ring atop the Lander page in Oscar Branson's highly respected book, Turquoise The Gem of the Century.