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Kee Yazzie Handmade Silver and Gold Bolo Tie

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    Sedona Indian Jewelry


Kee Yazzie - Handmade, Silver and Gold Overlay, Bolo Tie with Ancient images of Pictographs and Petroglyphs

Circa 2000 - New (Securely stored all these years)

It is Silver with 2 14K Gold Elements

Kee Yazzie was among the first artists to join Sedona Indian Jewelry many years ago.

Kee is both Hopi and Navajo. His art reflects both cultures. Kee was included in the Totems to Turquoise exhibit of the late 1990's... presented by the NYC, American Museum of Natural History. Kee was only about 25 at the time... the youngest silversmith in this historic exhibit. There is an excellent book of the exhibit by LS Dubin, Totems to Turquoise

The overlay design is amazing... so finely balanced, the silver is hand cut one design element at a time. No mistakes are permitted... mistakes cannot be erased or repaired. Errors require the piece be  destroyed and the work begin again or move on to another project.  This is perfect piece to these eyes.

Notice the incising on the bottom layer of silver. Hopi overlay has the bottom of silver layer incised (chiseled). Usually, Navajo overlay does not incise their jewelry.

Work like this is quite rare... it takes so much skill that few attempt it.

Kee Yazzie is a master silversmith

Wearable / Collectible / Investment Grade

This is a new Kee Yazzie, it was never worn. Keep it in good condition to best grow its value. Avoid over polishing.

The Bolo Tie measures 2 3/8" in Diameter