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Jayne Quam Zuni Mountain Lion

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Jayne Quam Zuni Mountain Lion

Golden Earth Tone Dolomite. Golden Yellow (Cougar) is the color of North in a Directional Set.

You can never have too many Mountain Lions.  One for your Medicine Bag, on for your ride and at least one for home. The Mountain Lion is a powerful Zuni Fetish carving. It would be a great addition to your collection. 

Jayne Quam carves much like Annie Gasper.

Jayne is married to Lynn Quam.

The Quams are an old, Zuni, carving family.

This is a beautiful carving. The turquoise snake (good Medicine, Health) inlay on its back and the Inlay Deer (Prosperity) on its side make it extra special.

A Zuni Fetish Carving Gem.

The Mountain Lion is the protector on the North. It is a the travelers friend.

A WSJ reporter was sent to caver the Iraq war.  I sent him a Mountain Lion that he carried with him.  When he returned home several years later, he called to thank me and tell me his Lion helped him. Bobby was the replacement for David Pearl. Happily Bobby made it safely back home.

This Lion is about 3" long