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Herbert Him Zuni Fetish Bear

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Herbert Him, Zuni Fetish Bear

The natural evolution of Zuni Fetishes, moving to a more realistic form, hit its stride in the 190O's. 

Zuni artists who learned to carve stone as children sought to present their art in an ever more realistic forms.

Beyond the natural desire that Zuni carver's had to show their skill and their beliefs in the best possible light... the availability of high speed, hand held drills and better grinding wheels made it all possible. 

Carvers like the Cheama's, Herbert Him, Pernell and Maxx Laate, Staley Natewa, Jeff Shetima and others gave stone life in every way.

This is not to say that Zuni carvers of every era were not able to find the spirit in stone, they were,  and they did just that. But, modern tools gave Zuni carvers the ability to present a stone's spirit in a different way.