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Gerald Lomaventema Apache Blue Turquoise Bracelet

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Gerald Lomaventema Apache Blue Turquoise Bracelet 

Tufa Cast Silver Bracelet

Gerald Lomaventema is a master silversmith and lapidary.  Each one of Gerald's jewelry designs are original and made by hand by Gerald.

Gerald's work is published and collected.

Apache Blue Turquoise appeared for a short time and now the mine seems to be depleted. It was an instant hit.  The blue color was much like that of Bisbee Blue.  The patterns are similar to Lander Blue, Lone Mountain and few other highly regarded mines. It is extremely hard turquoise with beautiful pyrite patterns gently through the stone.

Whether you are a novice collector or experienced, consider this among the finest turquoise gems you will ever see and a stellar addition to your collection.

The beautiful silver bracelet is the perfect setting for the Turquoise Gem. It is as if Charles Loloma created it himself.

The design was inspired by fellow Hopi silversmith, Charles Loloma. 

This Gerald Lomaventema bracelet is among the finest I ever saw. Gerald is a Hopi leader and teacher. He is an amazing artist who creates one masterpiece at a time. Consequently, not many people have seen his work. I discovered Gerald many years ago.

The bracelet is 1 1/8" wide. The opening is 1"

It will fit a 6" to a 6 1/4" wrist.

it is well made, Tufa cast from silver. On the surface of the silver are subtle, delicate patterns that were carved into the original Tufa Stone Mold. There is only 1 bracelet like this.

It can be adjusted slightly. We are happy to do that for you.