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Francis Leekya Wyoming Jade Frog

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Francis Leekya, Wyoming Jade, Frog Carving

Francis Leekya is the son of Leekya Deyuse.

Leekya Deyuse is considered the father of modern Native American arts and crafts. Leekya Deyuse along with dealer, CG Wallace and other celebrated Native artists, moved Southwest art from Mexican / Spanish designs to representations of their own culture.

Francis Leekya was there during this period.
Francis gave stone movement, his fetish carvings had personality, they have a spirit that can be felt.
Francis Leekya is deceased. His production was limited. He was wheelchair bound and half his body was paralysed 

Wyoming Jade appeared in Zuni for a very short time. This Frog is one of only 3 frogs carved by Francis. They are all different. This is the smallest

Frog measures about 2 1/2" long x 1" tall.

Made circa 2002

Frog has 8 gem turquoise points and two turquoise eyes.

Perfect as a rubbing stone, on a shelf, or carry about for luck