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Francis Leekya / Delvin Leekya Collaboration

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Francis and Delvin Leekya Collaboration

Francis Leekya and Delvin Leekya Zuni Fetish Shape Shifter
Wolf / Medicine Bear

Scarce Rainbow Dolomite with Natural Crystal Band around its heart
with natural heartline in the stone.

6 1/4" long 3" tall (measured to the top of the coral offering bundle)

The offering is Abalone Shell Arrowhead with gem coral and small turquoise nuggets

This is a very large Zuni Fetish Table Fetish

It is a One of a Kind Masterpiece

I believe this is a Delvin and Francis collaboration. The large sweeping tail has many small flat spots
which is how Francis Leekya would carve.  He had only one useful arm. Francis would continuously touch
the stone to the grinding wheel... picking it up... and repeat, repeat, repeat. Hence the many flat spots
that appear on Francis Leekya carvings.

Delvin carved by holding the stone to the wheel and gently move it around the grinding wheel
to attain the shape he wanted with a smooth, polished finish.