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Edward Charlie Silver and Gemstone Bracelet

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Images in a Night Sky

Silver and Gem Turquoise Bracelet handmade by Edward Charlie

Circa 2010 - New, kept in a vault...  One of a kind, Ed Charlie Bracelet.

The bracelet is light gauge coin silver which is 90% Silver - 10% Cooper.

Sterling is 90% Silver. When the United States issued Silver Coin as Currency that was the formula for the metal (90/10).

Now, silver can be refined down to .999 pure or better. Pure silver does not tarnish. Pure Silver is a brighter Silver color. Nowadays, the choice between pure silver and coin silver is aesthetic.  

The bracelet itself was Tufa Cast... which is a hand process (not machine or computer) where molten metal (usually silver or gold) is poured into hand carved, sandstone molds.

When the molten metal cools, has hardened and the casting is solid, it is then pulled  from the mold.  

The mold usually does not survive the process. One mold one casting.

Here we get not only a spectacular casting but also an beautiful assortment of rare gemstones. 

And let's not forget the lapidary. First Rate. 

The lapidary includes Indian Mountain turquoise, Sugalite, Fox turquoise and Coral. The bracelet is domed and is very comfortably on your wrist.

The Bracelet is for a 7" wrist. It can be adjusted slightly smaller.

It is 1 1/8" wide