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Edison Cummings Gem Turquoise Bracelet

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Edison Cummings  Gel Turquoise, Silver and Gold Bracelet

The large turquoise gem appears almost translucent. The dark cobalt blue Matrix is offset by sky blue flashes throughout the stone.

The colors suggest Landers Blue Turquoise but the patterns suggest Lone Mountain Turquoise.  In any case, I consider this stone on the short list of the finest turquoise I ever saw (in 50 years of searching).

The silver bracelet itself is what every tufa caster hopes someday to be able to reproduce.

The design can be dated back to the late 1940"s and Kenneth Begay...  and has been interpreted by every great silversmith.  Charles Loloma, Preston Monogye, Thomas Curtis and Boyd Tsosie to name a few.

Kenneth Begay made his original using silver fabrication.

This bracelet was tufa cast by Edison Cummings. It was not fabricated.

Few silversmiths will even attempt to tufa cast such a complex design as this.  First, the design in reverse is carved in tufa sandstone.  Then, molten silver is quickly poured into the mold. 

The molten silver must not harden before every detail is filled with molten silver. If that does not happen, the project is melted and restarted. 

From the casting to the amazing turquoise gemstone, perfection.

See photos for details or call 800 462 8536

This is a substantial silver and gold bracelet. Its size can be adjusted slightly by a professional silversmith.

Do not attempt it yourself.

The Bracelet will fit a 6" to 6 1/4" wrist

The bracelet is 1 1/2" wide and is solid Silver and 18K Gold. 

The cuff opening is 1"