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Ed Wade Vintage Pueblo Pottery

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Comments by Ed Wade, ph.d.  

Tesuque black on red jar with ceremonial designs c. 1880

Pottery essentially died out at the Pueblo of Tesuque around 1900, with the exception of tourist ware such as “Rain Gods.” The pueblo’s close proximity to Santa Fe and cheap Anglo tin--ware spelled doom for traditional utilitarian pottery. 

19th century-Tesuque vessels are often confused with those of contemporary San Ildefonso, yet upon more critical examination differences are evident. One of these is their elaborate floral Spanish-influenced motifs and hard-polished, almost hammered, surfaces.  

Within the tradition of Black on Red, slipped surfaces, as seen on this vessel, are rare. The jar’s tall European-style vase shape is also unusual, yet most striking is the profusion of free floating “ceremonial” fertility symbols. 


Ed was a Harvard Professor and while at Harvard spent time as assistant director of Harvard's Peabody Museum. Ed currently is an advisor to major Museums, Foundations and Individuals assisting with acquisitions and collection management. Ed is a recognized authority on Southwest Pottery and is both an active buyer and seller of Vintage Southwest Pueblo Pottery.
Contact @ 800 462 8536
This pot Measures 8” x 8”
Type: Black on Red
Pueblo: Tesque
Circa 1890’s
Special: Rain symbols and X shaped Snowflakes, Cloud Step Pyramids, Flower Rosette on this rare  Ceremonial Jar. 
Potter: Unknown 
Condition: Native wear and rim chips.