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Duane Maktima - Lapis and Sugalite Ring Jewelry

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Duane Maktima / Charles Loloma Style - Lapis and Sugalite Ring Jewelry

One of Kind, Handmade, Tufa Cast Silver Ring with highest quality Lapis and Sugalite.

The Tufa Cast Process is unique. Tufa is a type of sandstone found on the Hopi Reservation.  Both the obverse and the reverse design are carved directly into the stone.When the carving is finished the two halves are wired against each other with spruels added to let air escape and the metal harden. The metal is usually silver, sometimes gold or both. The molten metal must be quickly poured. The entire sculpture must be filled with molten metal before any of it can harden or the it all will be destroyed.

Usually, the tufa carving is destroyed in the process.  

This was made Circa 1987, and I bought it directly from Duane.

It is exquisite. It was made very much in the style of the great Charles Loloma. Were it not for Duane's hallmark it could easily be attributed to Charles Loloma.

An actual Loloma similar to this would have a value of about $8,000 to $10,000.

The ring is photographed against a Charles Loloma bracelet

The Ring is size 9 3/4 - 10

It measure 1" across x 2" long.

The ring is photographed alongside a rare Loloma Bracelet