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Demali Turquoise Bracelet handmade by Wes Willie

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Tufa Cast Silver Bracelet with Charles Loloma style Raised Gemstone Inlay. The gem inlay includes Demali Turquoise, Coral and 14K Gold. They rise well above the silver.

New - Made Circa 2000 -  Vault Stored

Rare Demali Turquoise, Fossil Ivory, Coral and 14K Gold Inlay set in a Silver, Tufa Cast Bracelet.  Handmade by Wes Willie

The Demali (Damele, Damale) Turquoise Mine is located in Nevada near the Carico Lake mine. To some extent, Damali and Carico Lake Turquoise exhibit a similar appearance and it's not unusual for turquoise from one mine to be incorrectly attributed to the other.

This is very hard, gem turquoise. Like Glass

This Demali Turquoise bracelet will fit a 6 1/4" wrist. The size can Not be adjusted without removing and resetting the Inlay.

It is about 1 1/4" wide.