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Delvin Leekya Zuni Fetish Sculpture Wolf

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This is Large Sculpture.

It is made of Rainbow Dolomite... a rock that appeared for a short time, years ago, in Zuni. 

The offering is made of gem material... including Abalone Shell, Chrysocolla, Turquoise and Coral. 

Delvin Leekya is the son of Francis Leekya and the Grandson of Leekya Deyuse. Delvin is among the top Zuni Carvers. Delvin's style is very much like that of his father Francis. Many of the carving's details are reminiscent of his grandfather's art, the great Leekya Deyuse

Francis Leekya carved with one hand.  He carved by gently touching the carving to the grinding wheel. That produced a carving with hundreds of barely noticeable flat spots.   Delvin carved with two hands. His carvings have no flat spots but are smooth throughout the carving.

It was made Circa 2000

It is a large carving. Many people would have difficulty holding it with one hand.

It is a table fetish and measures 4 3/4″ long x 3″ tall

Quite collectible.