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Delvin Leekya Picasso Marble Hunting Bear 3

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Delvin Leekya Picasso Marble Hunting Bear 3

Delvin Leekya, is the son of Francis Leekya and the Grandson of Leekya Deyuse. He grew up among Zuni's greatest artists. Zuni was a center for Southwest Indian Artists. It was the home of CG Wallaces's Trading Post.

CG Wallace and Leekya Deyuse were the prime movers for Southwest art it is today. Delvin was there. Delvin Leekya carvings are masterful. A blend of his father and grandfather's style.

Delvin is modest man... a great talent with a wonderful imagination.

I've been a fan of  Delvin, the Leekya family, for many years. These carvings and those i have yet to publish, are from that time, Y2K, before Francis died. Circa 2000

Notice the detail, the posture, the facial expressions... 

Picasso Marble, like this, was available in Zuni in the late 1980's or so.

The turquoise arrowhead and the coral offering are natural, gem grade,

Huntings bears are brought along on a hunt to round up game and present it to the hunter. Some fetishes are blessed by a Zuni priest.  After a successful hunt the fetish gets to participate in the feast.

We do not have many of these high grade Leekya carvings left... there never were many. They were made about the time of Francis' passing. It was a precious time for us all but especially Delvin... working with Francis.

This bear measures about 2" long with its head turned apound.  It is about 1 1/2" tall about 5" around.

We have lowered the prices of these 3 bears. 

Thank you for the years of patronage,

Thank you artists

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