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Cody Hunter Navajo Silver and Gold Bracelet

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Cody Hunter, Navajo 

Silver and Gold Native American Storyteller Bracelet

This was a special order from Cody that I asked him to make years ago, early in his career.

Cody is among the few, young silversmiths that continue to produce handmade jewelry... no computer design or computer printed jewelry.

Rest assured, we do not, nor have we ever bought or sold computer or assembly line (sweat shop) jewelry. Quite the contrary, we search out and support accomplished traditional Native American Silversmiths.

It has detailed designs on both the Outside and Inside of the bracelet. On the obverse (top) of the bracelet are animal and ancient designs precisely cut in gold. On the Reverse (inside) of the bracelet is a very a detailed picture of a typical Navajo scene.

This Silver and Gold Bracelet is for a 6" wrist. It is slightly adjustable

This is last one... each was similar in its construction but with different designs.

His bracelets currently being made are less detailed and contain no gold.