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Boyd Tsosie Gold and Turquoise Bolo Tie

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    Sedona Indian Jewelry


Boyd Tsosie, Gold Bolo Tie with Turquoise Micro Inlay

Micro Inlay like this is very difficult.  Compare it to the art of Raymond Yazzie

Boyd Tsosie Bolo Tie made from 14k Gold, Silver, Turquoise and Coral Inlay

This is our new Convertible Bolo Tie design. The jewelry can be easily worn as either a bolo tie or a pendant.  You simply remove the jewelry from the leather bolo tie and place it on the necklace of your choice. The idea was a collaboration between Sedona Indian Jewelry and Boyd Tsosie. Get more use from your jewelry.

This Boyd Tsosie bolo tie is 14k gold except for the silver backing and fitting. The front of the bolo tie is natural Turquoise and Coral. There is a 14k gold feather.

The leather bolo tie itself is red and is absolutely best quality. The leather is included with your purchase.

Add your own necklace and hang this pendant on it.

The bolo tie / pendant measures 2" long