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Boyd Tsosie Double Sided Gold Pendant

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Boyd Tsosie -

Circa 2000

Double Sided, Solid Gold, Water Bird / Peyote Bird,  Pendant

Extremely Fine - Highly Collectible and Wearable.

Solid 14k Yellow Gold Pendant - Perfectly inlaid with Ironwood and Gold Water Bird (Peyote Bird), Stars and Gold Accents on one side... And Fossil Ivory, Lapis, Sugalite, Coral, and Indian Mountain Turquoise on the other side. 

Boyd Tsosie is a top ranked Southwest Silversmith and Lapidary

This piece is new, made Circa 2000... Boyd at the top of his art. It was was designed and handmade by Boyd from start to finish. He started with raw materials and very high quality gemstones... which are all but impossible to find these days.

The gemstones are set by Boyd in fossil ivory.

Boyd's art and craftsmanship is among the finest. Boyd stays mostly at his studio.  He is not out on the trail selling, consequently he is relatively unknown to the buying public. 

However, Boyd is very well know to the cognoscente and high end Southwest dealers.

New Boyd Tsosie pieces rarely come to market. 

The Pendant measures 1 3/8" wide x 1" tall

It is a substantial pendant... all gold, fossil ivory, ironwood and rare gemstones.

The leather and gold necklace is sold separately - 800 462 8536