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Blue Green Water Web Kingman Vintage Bracelet

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Blue Green Vintage Water Web Kingman Gemstone Bracelet

Circa 1940's 1950's

The silver setting is heavy, hand hammered, silver coin or ingot.

The design is early Kenneth Begay. It carries a G as the hallmark. Probably
a Kenneth Begay student. Kenneth Begay was trying to give Navajo silversmiths
a design direction that they could successfully sell and live an artists life.

His efforts were successful, many silversmiths adapted his style and technique
and went on to create beautiful jewelry. This bracelet is a good example,
It is well made of heavy silver, a simple elegant design.

Boyd Tsosie, a student of Kenneth Begay's, helped in this attributution. Boyd felt that
Kenneth Begay himself might have had a hand in its creation and fabrication.

Also, Kenneth Begay and students received funding for their school from the WW2  US veterans programs.  What Kenneth Begay, Alan Kees, Paul Saiufkie, Fred Kaboutie and others created was an entirely new direction for Southwest jewelry. These men were returning from Europe and Asia with new insights into art.  And, new techniques.  

The bracelet is 2 1/8" wide at the Center

It definitely shows 1930's 1940's nouveau and deco influence.

Still a stunner

It will fit about a 7" to a 7 1/2" wrist