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Augustine Rosalie Pinto Mudhead Bolotie

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Extremely Rare Augustine and Rosalie Pinto, Zuni, Mudhead, Coral, Bolo Tie.

The quality of the Mosaic Inlay is outstanding. 

Mint - Like New Condition

Made Circa 1960

The Clip is marked, Bennett Pat. Pend. C-31. Concerning these Bennett clips Norman Sandfield writes, "thousands of these clips were manufactured and used starting c. 1957. They were stamped “Bennett Pat. Pend. C-31,” but he never did file a patent application. Around 1967, the "C-31" text was dropped, and around 1983 the "Bennett Pat. Pend." text was dropped.

The quality of the Pinto's inlay is among the best.  Where most lapidary inlay was (and still is) polished flat, the Pintos' lapidary was done in three dimensions with each gem in the design rising out of the setting.

Please note that this Coral Mudhead is set in golden brown, Tortoise Shell. Tortoise are a protected species and their shell can no longer be used in jewelry. However, since this is a vintage piece, made before any such prohibition, it presents no ownership problem... and adds considerably to the bolo tie's beauty, rarity and value.

The fact that tortoise shell was used also dates the piece as a very early Pinto...  and among the few Pinto's with a Tortoise Shell background.

Shortly after the Pinto's began production, Tortoise shell became an endangered, protected species.  The Pinto's switched to Jet for the background. Most of the Pinto's production was with a Jet background.

Very rarely do we see these tortoise shell pieces with this ornate design and in this spectacular condition.  It is in mint condition with a wonderful patina. 

The Mudhead is a Creation figure.

The Bolo Tie measures 2 1/2" wide x 2" long