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Anthony Lovato Silver Bracelet - Prosperity

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Anthony Lovato Silver Bracelet - Made in 2005

This bracelet is new. We bought it directly from Anthony. It was hidden away in a vault all these years and just re-discovered.

It was never sold nor ever worn.

Prosperity... Corn and Water Symbols are carved in both the Bracelet's obverse and reverse.

It is a Solid Silver, Tufa Cast Bracelet. 

Anthony Lovato is among the top Tufa Casters.  His work is original and finely executed.

Tufa is a form a Sandstone found on the Hopi Reservation. 

Tufa casting is an art. It involves carving the design in the stone in reverse and quickly pouring molten metal in the carved mold.  The carving must be completely filled with molten silver before it begins too cool and harden.  If the mold is not entirely filled before it begins to cool the completed bracelet will have holes in it and completed design

Notice the delicate sweeping lines.  Notice too that excess silver from the pouring as it was pulled from the mold is folded back opber the bracelet.  This creates the effect of clouds.  Anthony made few bracelets that way.  I refer to this technique as his "Clouds" series.

The bracelet is for a 5 3/4" to a 6" wrist.

It is 7/8" wide. There is a 1" opening in the cuff.