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Albert Lee, Purple Gem in a Silver Bracelet

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Albert Lee, deceased

Large, Brilliant, Purple Sugilite Gemstone set in a solid Silver Bracelet

Deep Purple Gem Sugalite is found in a few countries around the world. This Sugalite (which is also called Royal Lavulite) came from South Africa. It appeared in the 1980's - 1990's.  It's supply is exhausted and the mine is closed.  

The Sugalite you see is from that period.

Sugalite is a beautiful, purple gem that is usually used in micro inlay jewelry...  small pieces that are part of a larger design.  

Rarely is Sugalite the primary gem... the focus of the design itself.  As we can see here, this Sugilite Gem is up to the task.

Sugilite gems this large and brilliant are too rare and expensive to cut. 

Albert Lee and his Sons are noted for very heavy silver work. Although Lee designs are traditional Navajo.  The size, weight and fine finish of Lee's silver work gives Albert's jewelry a modern, contemporary feeling.  It is incredible by any standard

The bracelet will fit a 6 1/4" wrist. It can only be adjusted larger by a silversmith. It can easily be adjusted slightly smaller.

The Sugilite alone is about 1" square and rises well above the setting.

The bracelet has a 1" opening

One of a kind.