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Al Joe Silver, Oval, Bead Necklace -16" long

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Al Joe Handmade Silver Bead Necklace - 16" long

The Necklace is strung bead to bead... there are a total of 65 beads each measuring 5/16" in diameter.

Making Silver bead by hand is extremely difficult. It requires precision, patience and skill. The smaller the bead the more difficult.

Al Joe is famous for his silver beads... some of the best.

These beads are Oval, 1/4" diameter and 5/16" - Oval.  The Necklace Measures a total of 16" long.  The two size beads are strung one next to another.

The Necklace Measures a total of 16" long.

Silver beads are sometimes referred to as Navajo Pearls.

These beads are made from Pure Silver .999 Silver.  Technically, referred to as Argentium.

Although, pure silver is also a good description.  Most all silver in currency and jewelry (sterling) is 90 silver 10 copper.

The fastener is also handmade by Al and carries his hallmark. AJ

Last 16" silver bead necklace. Other sizes and designs may be available.

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