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Al Joe Silver and Gold Ring

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    Sedona Indian Jewelry


Al Joe Silver Ring - this ring was made using Al's "Saddle Design". Essentially the ring is convex with the ends of the ring gently sloping up.

It is quite comfortable. It was made of exrta heavy gauge silver. The 14k Gold band you see in the center of the design completely circles the ring.

Notice too the hand texturing on the face of the ring.

Ring size is 7 7/8

Al Joe uses only Argentium Sterling Silver. It is more expensive then pure silver. Argentium Silver or Non-Tarnish Silver, is made of 92.5% pure silver, just like traditional Sterling Silver, however instead of copper, it has a small amount of germanium. Germanium acts as a hardener, and has the added benefit of making the silver tarnish-resistant. It is guaranteed to be nickel-free. It is actually whiter and brighter than Platinum and White Gold, and maintains its shine with very little care.