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Al Joe, Lime Green Turquoise Gold and Silver Bracelet

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Rare, Lime Green, Carico Lake Turquoise Silver and Gold Bracelet handmade by award winning, Navajo Silversmith, Al Joe

This bracelet is fabricated from sheet silver. Along the top section of the bracelet is carved silver. Around that is polished silver. The Carico Turquoise gem is set in a Shadow Box and held in place with 14K Gold.

Carico Lake Turquoise is a desireable Southwest turquoise. It is located in central Nevada. It's color ranges from blue to green. This Lime green color is rare.

Carico Lake Turquoise is the only turquoise with this color in the world.

It's for about a 6 1/2" wrist. The opening is 1 3/8" wide. It can Not be adjusted.

It bracelet is 3/8" wide

The matching Necklace is sold separately