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Al Joe Green Blue Royston Turquoise Eagle Pendant

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    Sedona Indian Jewelry


Gem, Green Blue, Royston Turquoise set in a Heavy Silver, Al Joe, handmade Eagle Pendant

The silver is Argentium. Argentium is the purest silver available - .9999 % silver.

Argentium silver will hardly tarnish. It is the alloy in silver that tarnishes.

Most silver is 90% silver mixed with 10% alloy.

This is the 2nd Al Joe pendant (and last) that was inspired by a 1980 Navajo pendant of a similar design.  A picture of the original is included here in the images section.

The original Eagle pendant strikes me as an abstract portrait of an eagle in flight. The Al Joe design I see more as an abstract of an Eagle high in the sky... one with the clouds and sky around it.

Sedona Indian Jewelry is located high in the Nothern Arizona mountains (at about 5000' elevation).  I was standing in front of the studio one morning as an eagle circled the sky.  I watched it gracefully move above me. Then it caught a current and began to rise. Not moving its wings, but gently tilting its body into the wind.

Higher and higher it rose until it disappeared far above me.

This is how I see this Al Joe design... an Eagle at the instant it is so high in the clouds that at one moment you see the Eagle, the next your eyes can barely focus... the Eagle is gone and all you see is Clouds and Sky.

Notice the beautiful, handmade  Al Joe chain.

The design on the Eagle's wings is Clouds and Kiva... perhaps the steps of a stairway.

The pendant with the chain measures 24" long. Although when worn, it will not seem that long as the Eagle's wings will open.