Ralph Lauren "Under Turquoise Skys" article

Ralph Lauren recommends Sedona Indian Jewelry as an outfitter of highest quality turquoise...

Ralph Lauren published an on line article, "Under Turquoise Skys" reviewing today's turquoise market and turquoise jewelry. Sedona Indian Jewelry.com was recommended as a trusted source of authentic Native American Turquoise jewelry. Here are some highlights of what they had to say about the purchase of turquoise jewelry.

"A perennial staple in Native American jewelry, turquoise has entranced people for thousands of years, from the Persian emperors to the ancient Egyptians to today’s acolytes.With the most impressive specimens rivaling pearls and rubies in value, turquoise is a natural wonder, and each stone unique.But with the introduction of liquid plastics and advanced color treatments, imitation–i.e., stabilized or treated–turquoise has flooded the market, making the most valuable stones much harder to come by."

"...There are a few guidelines to ensure you are buying a quality stone. Before handing over your credit card, be sure the dealer is reputable. Ask for a receipt that includes the name of the jewelry artist and his or her tribal information; the name of the mine from which the turquoise was extracted; the address of the store from which it is being purchased; and certification that the turquoise is natural, stabilized, or treated. When caring for your stone, remember that turquoise is naturally porous, so contact with any oil or liquid, even soap and water, is discouraged. Instead use a silver-polishing cloth or glove to clean your turquoise, as well as any silver that surrounds it."

"Like a one-of-a-kind work of art, each specimen of turquoise has a unique appeal that is a combination of its beauty, rarity, and value. Unlike other jewels, southwestern turquoise isn’t prized for conformity; rather, turquoise is most dazzling when it falls outside expectations–which shows that sometimes nature cannot be improved on."

Ralph Lauren goes on to say,  "These outfits offer the highest quality turquoise specimens and a certificate of authenticity upon purchase."

Sedona Indian Jewelry was listed as the first (#1) of  5  high quality Southwest Jewelry sources.

Thank you Ralph Lauren.

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